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Colour Play Dough


What we call “Plastercine” is Playdough. There is no limit to children’s creativity rolling the dough and using it to create animals, humans, building houses, making objects and so on. It comes in 8 cups.
Age: 2,3,4 Years.

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Develops The Children’s Cognitive and Imaginative.. Also Fine Motor Skills With Use Of Hands. It comes in 10 pieces


Note: Toys must be left in an area where children on their own have access to it so they can repeat what has been presented to them over and over again. Repetition by the children leads to perfection.

Ensure the children pick up the toys, arranged and returned to where it was picked.

Safe Storage: This must be stored covered. Store all the pieces in a plastic container and ensure the child puts all pieces back and return to where it was picked

Material: Flour

Colour: As in picture.

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Colour Play Dough

Availability: 20 in stock