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This activity will help children to gradually move from concrete to abstract. What this means is that children can see 2 + 2 and know its four without using concrete educational materials.

This activity comes with a board numbered from No 1 – 19 for addition and subtraction memory activities. The child is meant to pick a tile example 2 + 8 and place that tile next to No 10 on the board. This is meant to be done by memory, however, do not push the child. Give him counters at the initial stage of presentation. The child counting and doing it over and over again will unconsciously memorize the answers.


Do not bring out all the tiles at once. First introduce addition only ( keep away subtraction) when the child has mastered addition, remove addition and present subtraction alone. This keeps them focus.

You can mix up addition and subtraction upper week after the child have mastered both. Also leave exact tiles needed for the activity. With this activity 20 – the activity board that comes with this toy will allow you arrange only 20 sums on the board, you can change to another set of 20 as soon as the child done.

Function : Develop Cognitive Reasoning, Concentration, Eye And Hand and Brain Coordination




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It is not just about buying toys at Rookie Arena, but what to buy and how to present it properly to the child. There is no need buying any toy if you won’t sit for 5 minutes to show the child what you want to achieve at that specific time.

Every toy or material on our platform has been professionally selected to achieve specific developmental growth in children. At Rookies Arena/Rookies Montessori Center, it is all about children’s development and the use of these toys to achieve developmental objectives for a good foundation.




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Dominos Mathematic