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My First Writing/ Math Workbook


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This 4in1 set of workbooks is perfect for children to build and reinforcing their writing and mathematical skills.

My First Workbook 1: Helps the children write and recognise their Alphabets

My First Workbook 2: Helps the children write and recognise from numbers 0 -50. It also includes mathematical activities.

My First Workbook 3: The workbook getting more challenging with the range of mathematical equations for children to solve. The range of these answers and solutions are within numbers 0 – 50

My First Workbook 4: This is the most challenging stage of the workbook. The equations and solutions are within numbers 0-100. The equations are more challenging with no answers on the workbook to guide ( answers are behind).

This activity comes with 4 books and 1 free gift magic pen.

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My First Writing/ Math Workbook