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Word Spelling Puzzle


This word spelling puzzle can be used by toddlers to identify, alphabets. The older children will use it in sounding, spelling words. shapes, and colours.

Children learn to build new words by sounding the letters. It a great cognitive developing activity for a solid foundation in spelling, writing, reading and oral language..It contains38 Picture Puzzle (with up to 10 letter words)52 Alphabet Puzzles



Rookies Arena is a subsidiary of Rookies Montessori Center where early childhood education 0 -9 is our business.

It is not just about buying toys at Rookie Arena, but what to buy and how to present it properly to the child. Please sit down for 5 minutes to show the child what you want to achieve with the toy..

Every toy or material on our platform has been professionally selected to achieve specific developmental growth in children. At Rookies Arena/Rookies Montessori Center, it is all about children’s development and the use of these toys to achieve developmental objectives for a good foundation.

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Word Spelling Puzzle